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Summer Series by Jenny Han

Summer Series by Jenny Han // 4 out of 5 stars
   Hey guys! So I haven't made a review for a while now so I am so ecstatic that I finally had the time to do so. I've been meaning to make a review about this series just because it is a good one. I've read this last June and I'm ashamed that I just made that book review now. Nonetheless, this is a good start of the month of August. Who knows? I might be able to make more book reviews this month... or maybe not. I'm still trying to get out of my reading slump and tell my mind to finish The Warrior Heir and start reading City of Heavenly Fire. Anyways, I'm blabbering too much again... 

   So, the Summer Series! I have to say that I did have a lot of fun reading these books. I literally just flew through it in one sitting. Why? Because of four reasons: 1) The books are fast-paced 2) The books are short 3) I just want to get over it and know who's going to end up with Belly 4) Jeremy and Conrad, enough said. I love how Jenny Han can really tickle the hearts of her readers. I have a lot of times where I just place the book on my face and starts giggling like a little girl. I gave this series 4 stars just because there are some points where things get unnecessary and very annoying. The love triangle is barely there not until the third book where I really felt the love of both of the Fisher brothers for Belly. 

   Belly has been head over heels for Conrad since she was young but she always felt like he wouldn't see her as someone that he would like. However, everything started to change during one summer when she went to visit the Cousins Beach. Conrad started acting different towards her, not only Conrad but Jeremy as well. However, things are really complicated between her and Conrad because Conrad is very vague about his feelings for her. When I say vague, I meant really really vague and sometimes it's getting really annoying. The twist is that Conrad and Jeremy are brothers and that's complicates things more than it already is. They both like Belly and it is very hard for her to choose between the two of them. Or maybe I'm just the one feeling uncomfortable choosing one out of these two gorgeous and perfect guys.
   The story goes on as something that would really show the characters' development and their relationships to each other, as well. There are also many parts of the book where Jenny Han would just throw in a flashback of a beautiful memory, sometimes it's too random, but sometimes it makes sense with the current happenings in the book. The series basically revolves around Belly (and it sucks, I swear, her way of thinking is annoying and she's so gullible) and her relationship between her family and the Fisher brothers. 

   I would highly recommend this series to people who are in the contemporary kick. I think it would be so much better if you marathon this after reading a very depressing series (e.g The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices series). It is a light and fun read so I guess many people would be able to  enjoy this~ However, I cannot say that you'd thoroughly enjoy the books just because of Belly's way of thinking. But it is something that you should definitely pick up when you're in a mourning period or in a reading slump because as I've said earlier the books are short and kinda fast-paced! 

{ Without Spoilers & What to expect while reading the series // read this part if you want to have an idea what the books are about, I won't spoil you, trust me!}

  • The love triangle is not as visible as you think it is. It is not like the love triangle in The Infernal Devices series where both of the guys treasure the girl. It's not like that. I think the guys in these books really bottle up their feelings for Belly. There are times where I'd just doubt the two of them because the really doesn't like to show Belly that they like her.
  • Belly is as annoying as America. I just don't get her way of thinking at all. This isn't a spoiler but Conrad is a jerk and Jeremy obviously isn't. I don't understand why she have to be so hung up on someone like Conrad, I mean seriously? The dude is a mess. Plus, Belly's decisions are just as stupid as she is, some are very irrational. She always thinks about herself and it's not cute. 
  • I like how you can really see how these characters' relationship develop throughout the trilogy. Jenny Han inserts memories from before and it's good to know something about the past before I came in and barge in to read their lives. 
  • Bonus point for this book: You'll get to see POVs of the guys in between chapters, or maybe in a scene where their POVs are required. The way Conrad and Jeremy narrate everything is very heart-warming and the way they tell their side of the story melts my heart or break my heart into pieces.
  • The last book will literally make you cry. The ending is great! I liked how to story went but of course, I'm not happy with what happened. Okay, I don't really want to say much but I think you'll like the ending~ (or maybe not because I'm not that contented with how things went)
   It is a great series because it very light and cutesy~ And its not very common to have contemporary trilogy, right? I kinda want to reread it now!! I really loved these books, I hope you can try reading them too and let's talk about them~

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To All The Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han

To All The Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han
First Book to the To All The Boys I've Loved Before Duology
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    This book was just like Eleanor and Park. Not because of the story but the way this book progressed and ended. It was such a let down to see an amazing book have an ending that would make the readers love it less. To be honest, I found myself enjoying the book as it goes along, I even loved it  but the ending kinda ruined everything, you know? This book is a light and fluffy contemporary read, I really liked the story and how it turned out. I shouldn't be sad with the ending because this is a series and I know that things will eventually be resolved between Lara Jean and the guy, though I can't help but complain about it because I really had some high expectations for the ending. You see, the thing that really pushed me to reading this book is the curiosity. I flew through this in a day because I've been itching to know what will happen but when I got to the last page of the book, I was so disappointed not to see the ending I really want to see. Nonetheless, if I just leave the ending out then I'd gladly say that I extremely loved this book. It's nice to see how the relationship between our two main characters develop. It was very unpredictable (for me) because there are a lot of things that could happen between them; they are both in love with someone else which makes it hard for me to guess if they'll end up with each other or not. I don't want to to say much about the guy, even mention his name because it will kinda ruin the experience for you but all I can say is that you won't avoid falling in love with the "love interest" of Lara Jean. 
    There are a lot of things that you'll love about this book. 1) The quirkiness of the relationship of Lara Jean and her love interest. You'll really see how they work out their relationship and how they really progressed throughout the book. 2) You'll realize that in order to move on you really need someone else (not generalizing here but that's the truth, right?) 3) The characters are just so cute. Especially Lara Jean's family. You'll see how close they are with each other and how happy she is in her family. This book just made me want to have a sister more. Aaah, I just want to talk about the book now! Okay...

   This is about Lara Jean and her letters that got sent out to the boys she loved before. And it's not just a typical love letter, those letters are for her closure to them. She writes them good-bye letters but she never intended to send them out until one day someone that she loved before showed her that he got his letter. It won't really revolve around that plot though since she'll start to fall in love again with one of the boys that she have written good-bye letter to.  But you'll see how these guys react to her letters to them. They have different reactions about the letters and its really interesting. Plus, this also follows Lara Jean's struggles as she tries to forget her feelings for a guy for the sake of her sister. This book is not just about romance, it's also about family. It is touching and heart-warming to see how Lara Jean loves Margot and vice versa. 

   Sorry for the lame synopsis, I really don't want to say much about it because I read this book without knowing a thing or two about it except for the part that Lara Jean's letters got sent out to the boys she loved before. 

   Read this book when you're in a reading slump. Even though the first part of the book is kinda slow-paced, the story will go along really well once you're already at the middle part of the book. You'll be able to fly through this in a day, I swear. It is very light and a quick read. I honestly loved how it got me out of my reading slump but it immediately gave me a want for more contemporary novels. The characters are just so adorable I can't help but wish for the sequel to be released already because I already miss their quirky world. 

   If you liked Eleanor and Park, Anna and the French Kiss, and other Jenny Han's books then you'll definitely want to pick this up. The main guy character of this book is to die for. I was literally swooning and drooling over him while reading this. He was so cute!! And he was really unpredictable. He never appealed to me to be that kind of guy but I guess I kinda saw it coming because he is incredibly cute, not just physically but his cuteness can also be seen in his actions. Aaaaah! I just never thought that he'd be like that. I was giggling all-throughout the book. The little things that he does for Lara Jean is just adorable. 

   Or maybe you can read this book if you need to recover from a heart-wrenching and life-ruining book. I kinda wished I read this after reading City of Heavenly Fire because I know that I'm going to need a dozen of contemporary books after reading that one. ((I AM SO SCARED YOU GUYS HAVE NO IDEA)). So yeah, if you like contemporary novels then I highly recommend this one. Plus, it's rare to see a contemporary have a sequel, not a the companion type of sequel but a literal second book. Its a bummer though since we're going to have to wait for another year or so for the next book.

{ Without Spoilers }
  • You'll see how Lara Jean and the "guy" will develop and work out their weird and funny relationship. It's not your typical relationship okay. Once you're halfway reading this book, you'll see that they really are weird and its fun to see how that weird "act" will somehow turn into a romantic kind of feelings toward each other. 
  • I also liked Lara Jean's Dad because he's pretty to cool for a single-father raising three girls. He's laid-back but he really is a good father to them. And he's a doctor which is always a plus for me. Its funny how their dad weave his way through his girls. He's awkward when it comes to dealing with girl problems but its good to know that he cares and he's there for you. I think that's what I really liked about this family. They are always, I mean, ALWAYS there to help Lara Jean out in any way possible. 
  • I read this book understanding what Lara Jean feels. I know what it's like to feel how you feel like you've moved on to someone but realized that you never really did. You just tucked the feelings away. You didn't throw them; you kept them and its hard when those feelings started coming out again but there's nothing you can do but push them away. I also understood how she's been scared to fall in love all this time. Lara Jean is a relatable character~ I totally can relate to her when she's scared at driving! 

{With Spoilers}
  • I have nothing against Margot. I really started to look up to her in this book because everyone seems to believe that Margot is a god of some kind. And that's the problem, the people in this book is literally worshiping her. But I guess she deserves that. She's responsible and kind and she deserves all the respect that she can get. I honestly didn't expect her to say that she needed Lara Jean and I just started crying when they were saying sorry to each other. It was an amazing moment between the two~ 
  • I kinda hated the fact that the thing about Josh wasn't resolved. Jenny Han tried to resolve things by making Lara Jean tell Josh not to tell about the kiss to her sister but that's it. I wish I knew if Lara Jean already moved on to Josh or not because right now my mind is still confused with what's going on. I know that she already loves Peter but isn't it weird that she barely thought about Josh all-throughout the book when in reality everything that she's doing is about Josh? Do you see my point here? Its just weird for me not to really see how her feelings toward Josh fade away in the process of loving Peter. But maybe that's what's Jenny Han is trying to do...? Maybe she's trying to tell us that once you're falling in love with someone else, the past is starting to not really matter as much anymore.
  • I barely saw Josh in this book, he had his cameos but I thought this is about him and Lara Jean's feelings for him. I mean, I don't complain if Lara Jean loved Peter because I love Peter, I really do. We saw how Peter forgets about Genevieve (or maybe not really...) but with Lara Jean and Josh? Not so much. 
  • And I also wanted to see what Lara Jean wrote for Josh because we saw what she wrote to the other 4 guys but not Josh. I just... I don't know. I thought this is about Josh but why did he just show up in the book for like 8 times or something? He shows up like he's some kind of an old buddy of Lara Jean. I also don't get why Jean has to stay away from Josh. I think that she is really selfish because it's not Josh's fault to read her letter. Why does she have to shut him out of her life? Not just her life but in Kitty's and her Dad's life. It was kinda annoying how she dealt things with him. Did she forgot that Josh is not just a crush but also a best friend of hers? Its unfair for Josh to be shut out of her life when he literally did nothing for things to turn out that way. 
  • BUT... I liked how she fell in love with Peter. Aaaaah, they are so cute!! I never expected for Peter to treat her that way. I thought he will literally just use her as a pretend girlfriend and be an annoying guy but I never felt like Peter used her at all. I felt the sincerity all-throughout the book. And maybe I did feel like he betrays Lara Jean every time he's with Gen but then I realize that it's not in the contract that he should stay away from Gen. He really did start loving Lara Jean and I know you felt too. 
  • I was literally squealing when he got mad at Josh for kissing Lara Jean!!!!! OH MY GOD. I was jumping up and down and running all over the place because his reaction is so damn cute!!!!! AAAH~ He was like "What the hell? How did that happen?" and then "What the hell is he thinking, kissing MY GIRLFRIEND? It's fucking ridiculous. I'm gonna say something to him." HAHAHAHAHA OMG OMG OMG OMG PETER!!!! I never expected him to get mad like that!!!!! I thought he's just going to shrug it off because their relationship is just a pretend, right??? But with his reaction!!! I realized "Okay Peter. I know now that you're starting to like Lara Jean and don't you dare deny it!" And at the Christmas party!! He brought it up again!!! It's just SO CUTE!! He told Josh "This is a private conversation, Josh, between me and my girlfriend" WHAT WHAT WHAAAAT OMG and then "She told me you tried to kiss her. You try that again and I'm kicking you ass." I know I should be worried that a fight is going to happen between him and Josh but I was literally giggling and squealing and jumping all over the place!
  • I think my favorite scene in the book is when they we're eating the rice balls that Lara Jean made. I have two favorites on that scene, no make that three. 1) Is when he was about to get the last rice ball and then immediately looked at Lara Jean to see if she noticed. HAHAHAHAHHA IT WAS SO FUNNY!!! He stopped short as if remembering the part on her letter where she said that Peter likes to take the last slice of pizza. HAHAHAHAHA! Oh, Peter! 2) When Lara Jean kept on telling Peter that it's okay if he takes the last one and then he was like "No! I don't want it" I IMAGINED HIM THAT HE'S A TODDLER SAYING THAT AAAH HE IS SO CUTE and then Lara Jean was like "Say 'ah'" and he was like "NO" like an adorable little baby hahahahhaha. And then Peter's friend was like "You are so lucky to have a girlfriend like Lara Jean. If you don't want to eat it then I will" and then opens his mouth to eat the rice ball that Lara Jean was holding and then Peter shoved him away and said "Step off, it's mine" HAHAHAHHA OH MY GOD PETER STOP 3) But his cuteness doesn't stop at that okay. While eating the rice ball, his eyes were closed and he said "Yum yum yum" HE FREAKING SAID YUM YUM YUM IF THIS IS NOT ADORABLE I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS. That nearly killed me okay. Let's take a moment to breathe.... I just realized that my favorite part of the book is the entire chapter 46. 
  • I was kinda sad about how he confessed to Lara Jean that he likes her. It was so lameeeeee. I give it a 3 out of 10. Hahahaha why. But I'm not really convinced by the way he said it. Or maybe I'm not really convinced if he really does like Lara Jean. I mean, I know I felt it but they way he said it kinda takes back all the genuinity I felt before he said that he likes her. Until know I can't seem to believe that he really likes her. Maybe the reason why I felt that way is I don't know his POV? I wish Jenny Han would make one, even just a novella that would do justice for his feelings for Lara Jean. 
  • Their kissing scene though!!! It wasn't like the kissing scenes I've read before. This is really innocent and sweet and just ugh... For someone like Peter... I didn't expect him to show his vulnerability at all, and I didn't expect him to be gentle on her. He held her like she's fragile and that he would do anything for her and I'm crying sighhhhhhhhhhh canipleasehavepeter *cries* 
  • I was shell-shocked when people have been talking about them doing 'it' in the hot tub. I know that I should blame Genevieve for this but I feel like a part of me blames Peter for it also. Even though I know that he wouldn't do such thing. Maybe it's the uncertainty in me, the uncertainty of Peter. I barely even knew about his feelings the night before so I don't really trust him yet but I believe that he really didn't do that to Lara Jean. Though, I hated him, I really did, because he didn't even call Lara Jean after the ski trip and it was so depressing to see her waiting for him to call her or text her but he didn't and through that span of silence that Peter gave her, I disliked him and my trust was gone all-over again. 
  • But then I cried A LOT when Kitty gave Lara Jean's hatbox back containing Peter's letters and his letter were just so cute that I started crying. I know that Peter really did love her halfway of their fake relationship and it was a huge relief for me to know that before the book ended.

    All I can say is that the book it really, really great but the ending ruined it all. I just want the next book so baaaaaad!!

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The One by Keira Cass

The One by Keira Cass
Last book - Conclusion to the Selection Series
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

   I hated this book or maybe the entire series because of America, but I loved and enjoyed reading it so much that I don't know what to feel anymore. I have felt a lot of emotions whilst reading The One and I'm not going to lie that it's mostly frustration. I don't want to give off a negative view for the people who haven't read this book yet or the series because despite the fact that my hatred for America is skyscraper high, I still want to recommend reading this series. I honestly don't know why but I guess you'd really enjoy reading the Selection trilogy. Its a really, really quick read. You can finish it in one sitting because the books are so thin and I bet you won't be tempted to put it down. I guess that its kinda a slow-paced book, with the slow character development, and as well as the dystopian world building but I promise you that you'll get used to the slow pacing of this book. I don't think that Kiera really wanted to focus on the dystopian world she built outside the palace because the book mostly revolves around the palace and the people in it. However, this book, or the series itself, is very refreshing. Its dystopian but not a heavy read. Its frustrating but enjoyable. A lot of adjectives contradict each other in describing the series but all I want to point out is that you will not regret reading it. 

   I'm embarrassed to say this but I want to feel like a princess every once in a while and I kid you not, that this book will literally make you feel like one. The dresses are so pretty, the vibe of the palace is really regal, and oh the prince! Maxon will just make you swoon all-over the place. The way he talk to America, his aura, and the way he present himself are the real definition of a prince. I badly want to talk to him about you guys. I literally just finished reading the book and my feelings are overflowing that I need to make a book talk about it right away. So, here I am holding myself back from the things that I truly want to say. I should just probably start my review.

SYNOPSIS | The Selection:
   The Selection is about a girl named America who’s living in this dystopian country called Illea. Illea is a new country that was created after World War IV, so the story take place in the future. The book is about the prince of Illea is finding a girl to marry through the Selection. The Selection is a competition of 35 girls fighting (not literally) their way to the crown and to the Prince's heart. This is the usual way of finding the wife of the future king. Maxon, the prince of Illea and the heir of the throne, is holding this usual “competition” for all the girls of Illea between the ages 16 to 24. And they are required to sign up for the competition, but only 35 are chosen from the hundreds or thousands of these bachelorettes. But, our protagonist, America is currently in a relationship with the handsome and gorgeous guy, Aspen, so she’s not really in for the Selection. There’s a downside about Aspen though, his caste is too low to give America a good life. Caste is like the ranking or economic status of your family, something like that. Both of Aspen and America have low caste, so if America won or got picked from the Selection then her caste, alongside with her family will increase. 
   In this series, you'll see the development of Maxon and America's relationship. You'll be able to see how the get fond of each other, face obstacles, and realize their feelings for each other.
   I recommend this series for the people who likes to feel like royalty. I swear that you'd feel royal while reading this book. And if you love romantic and sappy kind of books then this would be perfect for you. It really revolves around the love story of Maxon and America. Their relationship is a huge struggle between the two of them and it would affect their love for each other in ways that you can't imagine. I always find myself giggling while reading this book because Maxon is so adorable~ The way he shows his feeling for America and the other girls will make your heart melt like an ice cream on a hot day. Even though the focal point of this trilogy is the love story, there are also some side problem that goes along as you progress on reading the book. There are rebels and things like the Hunger Games. I'm not saying the cliche line that this is like Hunger Games but its inevitable not to feel that way. I mean with the rebellion and stuff. Nonetheless, the rebellion won't entirely ruin the romantic parts in the books. 
   I also want to recommend this if you want to meet the most annoying and frustrating female protagonist ever. 
{ Without Spoilers // don't read if you haven't read The Selection and The Elite}
  • If you're done reading The Elite then you probably hate America, too. If you don't, then I don't know what's wrong with you because America is the most annoying protagonist ever. I have to warn you that her stupidity will continue on The One. There came a time where I just want to throw the book across the room and just leave it like that. Her stupidity is always right around the corner, including her indecisiveness between Aspen and Maxon.
  • I'm not a huge America fan because she gets on my nerves every time. Before starting reading this book, I hoped that she'd pull her shit together and just choose Maxon. Gods, she frustrates me a lot.
  • In this book you'll also see the story and problems sew itself into place. I don't know how it happened but things can just happen in a flash, or in a few pages. The Northerners and Southerners will appear more in this book and you should see that one coming because until now we still don't know what's their goal in ambushing the palace every now and then. 
   I honestly don't want to say anything anymore. I feel like if I continued talking about this I might slip a spoiler out. And I really, really don't want to ruin the experience of reading the last book for you. So yeah, maybe you should just start reading it already because its actually good and annoying.
{ With spoilers }
  • LET'S TALK ABOUT AMERICA, NOW. I can't talk without discussing about her stupidity anymore. Oh my god, you don't know how I always scream at my book every time I feel like America will not use her brain again. She can rule the kingdom of idiocy. She never think about anything else other than herself. She's so freaking selfish. I wish I could strangle her and tell her "AMERICA CAN YOU STOP BEING SUCH A BRAT ABOUT EVERYTHING?" There are a lot of times in this book where she did not just risk her position in the Selection but she also risked Maxon's life as well. How stupid can she get? I'm sorry if I kept on saying "stupid" or "frustrating" because those are the only words that can describe a protagonist like America. Why can't she act more like Kriss and a little of America? That would be perfect! 
  • I hate the fact that every time Maxon would push her away I'd get hurt because I should be happy that Maxon won't end up with a girl like her. Why does America have to narrate the story? I get carried away by her emotions which makes me root for her until the end. I'm actually crying when she and Maxon had a happy ending. I'm not going to lie that I could make a pool of happy tears whilst reading the last pages of the book. However, I can make a river of tears of frustration whilst reading The One. I'm just going to list out the times that America seriously got on my nerves:
  1. It would have been funny if America isn't really stupid. How can she even think of literally seducing Maxon?! What the hell got into her mind? I mean if she does have one... It was so embarrassing. I laughed though. I found if funny when Maxon found it funny. But while she was doing this little stunt of hers, I was really embarrassed for her. America is really stupid I want to cry.
  2. AND EVERY SINGLE EFFING TIME America push Maxon away, Maxon just kept on coming back. I really love Maxon for doing that but serisouly dude. What do you like about America? SHE'S LITERALLY THE MOST IRRATIONAL PERSON ON EARTH. Maxon is giving America a chance to freaking end the Selection. I'm not dumb like her to see the obvious, which is she freaking loves Maxon and Maxon loves her back. She can end the Selection whenever the hell she wants but NO. She just kept on sulking. She kept on saying "Is there even an us anymore?" "Oh no Maxon doesn't love me anymore" Are you seriously using your brain? Of course he loves you. Oh god, how dense can you be!
  3. That moment when she realized that she loves Maxon. I am really happy that she did because it's about time she does! I was like "OH MY GOD YES, YES YOU LOVE HIM OH MY GOD HOW CAN YOU JUST REALIZE THAT NOW?" Why would she feel jealous of the other girls if she doesn't, right? This is girl, oh god. 
  4. I also hate that time when she finally realized and it was the perfect moment to say that she loves Maxon, she'll just be like "Nope, I won't say it now, maybe later." And then she finally had a crap ton of chances to tell Maxon she kept on saying "Hmm no maybe not the right time" HER PROCRASTINATION IN CONFESSING IS REALLY ANNOYING. Why can't she just say it. I just want to shout at her "America, oh god. Are you seriously doing this? JUST FREAKING SAY IT!" I hate how she can't just tell Maxon those three words, three words that would end the freaking Selection and move on with the freaking story. But our self-centered protagonist is too dumb to say I love you. So the story will keep on revolving around her stupid life. She kept on blurting useless words in public, but she can't say the right thing that will obviously make things right. 
  5. Her irrational thinking!!! It annoys the heck out of me. On the day of the Conviction, I know that she'll say something dumb again. I can always see it coming. I just want to freaking stab America every time an event comes up because she always seem to end up ruining everything anyway. And I hate the fact that she always do the right thing and people actually like her stupidity. Sigh..... why does she have to be the main character. She's the most frustrating person ever.
  6. Lastly, every time Aspen opens up something about their relationship she immediately assumes that it's about her. HOW SELF-CENTERED CAN SHE GET? I knew that Aspen doesn't love her anymore, it doesn't feel like that while reading the book. And when Aspen was about to tell her something she'll instantly think "Oh not this again" and say to Aspen "Nope I don't want to talk about that right now." Why does she always, always push the important things away?! CAN I JUST KILL HER THANKS.
  • That's not the end of my rant about America. I'm just going to get on with another topic because I can seriously just talk about my annoyance over her in this post but I don't want that to happen. I don't want to make this about her, again. Just like what she did in the books. (OH THE FRUSTRATION) Anyway, I was starting to get fond of Celeste and then in a snap she dies. Just like that. I was so surprised when I got shell-shocked that she just died. I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm sad to see Celeste go. I was actually tearing up on the epilogue when America wished that Celeste was there. I really wish she was. She's a very kind and happy person. I seriously got to love her. *cries* 
  • Can we just talk about the scene in Maxon's bedroom? CAN WE JUST PLEASE. I was literally starting to go crazy when Maxon turned into desperate mode he was all over America. I AM CRYING. That scene was hella insane. I barely recognized Maxon. He was like "I want you so much America, I desperately WANT. YOU. ALL. FOR. MYSELF." I was on the verge of madness. IT'S MADNESS I SAY, MADNESS! Can Maxon do that to me, too? Please. Oh god.*hyperventilates*  And before that he was like "I can think of a few other ways to show you how you make me feel." WITH A DEVILISH SMIRK. CAN WE JUST. That was the time I started freaking out and shouting around the house. And when someone knocked on the door, I can't help but feel like killing someone. I was on the edge of happiness and then when Maxon said America's father died, it was like I was pushed off the cliff of happiness. I know that it's over. I was like "WHAT WHAT WHY WHAT HAPPENED" I was so mad I'm blaming America for not just telling Maxon she loves him, too! That she also wants him all for herself. She should've said that before leaving the palace. *CRYING*
  • MAXON'S LETTERS. Oh god. Enough said. 
  • I was starting to cry so damn much when Maxon was proposing to America. Aaaaah~ That was so, so sweet! When he gave her a picture of a house, and then America was like "It's beautiful, did you take this?" and Maxon was like "My gift to you is not the picture, but the house." and I was like "WHAT. WHAT!!! OMG THAT'S IS SO.. OMG" And in that moment, I wish I could stab America and just take her place. Maxon's proposal was so sweet. The happiness was so overwhelming that tears of joy actually came out of my eyes and it was the best feeling ever. When America finally said I love you to Maxon he was so happy and so shocked that he was like "What? Can you say that again?" AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. That's really adorable! I started giggling and jumping while crying. I swear that really happened. I was so happy that I started jumping. That moment was the real definition of a happy ending, my heart was overwhelming with feels that tears of joy started dripping from my eyes. It was so sweet!
  • Just when everything was turning out perfect, the authors are always there push us off the stairwell of depression. I was like "YES YES THEY'RE GETTING MARR---" and then Maxon saw Aspen and America. I was outraged. And of course I'd blame America because she didn't tell Maxon about Aspen. Her and her procrastination, it annoys me so damn much. She should've told Maxon the night he proposed. I know that it will ruin the moment, the sweet sweet moment, but not the freaking marriage! And the scenes after Maxon caught America and Aspen nearly killed me. I intend on stopping on reading The One because I feel like my heart is going to burst any moment but I want to know what will happen even if Maxon's coldness sent a shiver to my spine. I don't know why I felt sad for America and I hate that she's the narrator of the story because I want Maxon to end up with a girl like Kriss. But of course, I'd feel the same way that America feels. 
  • My mind and heart were all over the place while the ambush is taking place. Especially when Maxon was like "America I'm sorry I love you I'm going to marry you but I can't because I'll die." I WAS TURNING HYSTERICAL. And then he was like "Be happy" and America was safe and I wanted to stab her so bad because I wish Maxon was the one who's safe. The next thing I knew I was flying through the pages because I badly want to know if Maxon will die or not and then Aspen was like "Maxon is not dead. But the King and Queen are" And I was like "KIERA CASS IS IT NECESSARY TO KILL THE QUEEN" But the way the Queen died for the King is beyond sweet. I knew that the King really picked a girl who'd take a bullet for him, literally. And it was heartwarming. 
  • I knew that Aspen already likes someone else. The conversation he always have with America it was pretty obvious that he doesn't love her anymore. And I wasn't surprised to see that it was Lucy. When America told Aspen about Anne's feelings for him, he was like "Lucy Lucy Lucy" and then when America needs to bring one of her maids Aspen was like "Lucy! Lucy is the best pick yes yes" I'm happy for Aspen that she ended up with someone who deserves his kindness and love. If he ends up with America, I'll feel sad for the dude.
  • And then America had her happy ending. The epilogue was cute. I'm happy that I got to see their wedding~ The moment I finished the book I was like "THANK GOD I MISSED HAPPY ENDINGS" I would have to say that America's story is the epitome of a happy ending. She got everything she wanted even though she's really annoying. I'm satisfied with the ending but I still hate America.
   I wish that Kiera Cass would make a novella for how an immature queen would rule a country. That would be exciting! 

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Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare

Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare
Book Two to the The Infernal Devices Trilogy
Cover rating: 5 out of 5
Writing style: 5 out of 5
Story: 5 out of 5
Overall: 5 out of 5

   I honestly don't know how to talk about this book without hearing my heart crumbling into million pieces. I think this is my favorite book out of all the three books, or maybe Clockwork Princess? I don't know but I did love this book very much. A lot of things happened in this book which made me know more about the character. A lot of secrets were revealed and my relationship with the characters developed in ways that made me attached to them, maybe too much. I've already knew about the Shadow World since I've read TMI but the world building in the TID books are phenomenal. I think the way Cassandra Clare described every thing is really great! I actually liked the fact that she tells us the little things, those little things that really matters. And there's no doubt that she can reach out hearts and rip it our in a matter of seconds, or in a mere sentence. There are times where I just stop and walk away from the book just because I can't handle reading it anymore. It was just too much and my fragile self can't handle everything-- not all at once.
  As I've said, I won't talk about the book like I usually does because I already made a series review, and a synopsis and recommendation there. Nonetheless, it would mean the world to me if you'd read The Infernal Devices series because words cannot describe how good they are. So bye now because this ends the non-spoilery part. Come back if you've read the book!

{ With spoilers }
  I can't believe I already forgot some parts of the book! I am too focused on forgetting about the series because I need to heal, and now I can barely remember anything. Except the fact that Will got his major heartbreak, and mine as well. I'll try to cover the important parts I swear!

-Love scenes:
  • Let me just start off by saying that I just cried all throughout the book and I'm not even joking. There's just too much to take in, too many things to try to sink in your mind and there's nothing you can do about it but to deal with it, no matter how fugging painful it is. Who said life was fair, right? I am just so pissed off with the turn of events. I am not against Jem marrying Tessa, in fact, I am so happy for him that it hurts. Okay, where to start, where to start. . . On Will's curse, right!
  • Will's curse makes me just want to stab the life out of myself. Poor Will!!!!! *cries blood* How dare that demon! Trick Will like that, how can he do that?! He spent 5 years of his life keeping people at arms length. I'd go crazy if the curse that ruined my whole life was just a hoax. Words cannot express how mad I am right now, and right at that moment! It almost killed me while Will was talking to Magnus about his curse. I just want to cradle him in my arms and let him feel that I love him even if it kills me, literally. I don't even know how to talk about how incredibly sad I am for him. I was so mad at him at first book because he kept on pushing Tessa away but now that I knew the reason why he's doing that. . . I CAN'T CONTAIN THE FEELS. I am drowning in my tears. Like seriously, you have no idea how I literally felt my heart broke for him, especially when he knew that Tessa and Jem are getting married. (HOW CAN I TALK ABOUT THIS PROPERLY AAAAAH I'M SORRY.) I'm happy and sad for Will. I am happy because the curse wasn't really a curse but I'm sad because the curse wasn't really a curse. Do you know what I mean? He let people hate him, because he loves them. If that doesn't make you love him, I don't know what else can.
  • So when he knew that he could finally tell Tessa he loves her I was like: YEAH YOU GO TELL HER RUN!!! RUN!! GO!!! I kept on cheering him and then Jem entered Tessa's room. . . .
  • I cannot deny the fact that I'm happy for Jem. I cannot deny the fact that his proposal was the best thing I've ever heard. And when she said Yes, Jem's reaction was priceless, it was beautiful, it was the most genuine reaction I've ever seen. 
"Then yes," she said. "Yes, I will marry you, James Carstairs. Yes."
 "Oh, Thank God." he said, exhaling. "Thank God." And he buried his face in her lap, wrapping his arms around her waist.
  • Jem suddenly became vulnerable. And he was like so overwhelmed that he can't contain his happiness that he fell down to Tessa's lap. . . Oh, Jem. . . You deserve to be happy. I am so so happy for you. I know how much you love Tessa. You deserve each other. I know that Tessa loves you too (even though I know that she loves Will more, I mean it's pretty obvious). I am super happy for Jem but my heart jumping and shattering at the same time. 
  • Will was so eager to talk to Tessa, he was like a happy puppy. *cries* He don't even know about Tessa being engaged to Jem, and seeing him so happy like that breaks my heart into tiny emotional pieces. A part of me hopes that when Will finally told Tessa his feelings for her, Tessa would eventually realize that he loves Will more than anything. But a part of me hates that I feel that way because I love Jem, I don't want him to be alone and heartbroken. 
  • When Will finally told Tessa about his feelings for her. My world instantly fell apart in a blink of an eye. He was so desperate.  HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO HIM CASSANDRA CLARE? HOW?! He was like: "I love you, Tessa, and I have loved you, almost since the moment I met you." THE HERONDALES HAVE THEIR WAY WITH WORDS AND SAYING I LOVE YOU, I CAN'T EVEN. And oh my god, when Tessa was telling him about her engagement with Jem. I am too broken to even talk about it. Let's just re-read what happened: 
"It's too late," she said. (IT'S NOT TOO LATE TESSA STOP IT)
 "Don't say that." His voice was half a whisper. "I love you, Tessa. I love you" (JUST KILL ME OH MY GOD THIS LINE I JUST CANT)
  • Will's pleading voice was too much, I can't handle reading this without crying. I know that you feel the same way. I know you do. How did we survive this? I felt so sad for Will. Especially when he was begging for Tessa to give him another chance. My life was literally a mess that time. I clutched the book on my chest and stayed like that for a good 5 minutes or maybe more. I feel so so so so bad for Will, and there's nothing I can do about it but read his suffering. And the conversation they had when Tessa said she's going to marry Jem, okay let's just re-read the lines again, maybe that's enough to explain the hurt I felt:
"Jem proposed to me," she blurted out. "And I have said yes."
 "I said that Jem proposed to me," she whispered. "He asked if I would marry him. And I said I would." (YOU DON'T HAVE TO REPEAT IT TESSA THAT IS COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY TO YOU REALLY WANT TO BREAK WILL? DO YOU?!)
 Will had gone shockingly white. He said, "Jem. My Jem?" (OKAY THAT IS TOO HEART-WRENCHING BYE)
  • How can Will and Jem not see that both of them loves Tessa? Aren't they best friends? What happened? I can't believe that Will was even surprised to hear it. But his surprised reaction is what killed me. Seriously. A part of me died along with his heart. It was just too much. Especially when Will was pleading, HE WAS LITERALLY BEGGING FOR TESSA. That maybe Jem would understand, that maybe Jem would let them love each other, that maybe Jem would be okay. The hope in Will's words. . . I don't even want to talk about it. I just hate the fact that Tessa did nothing. Tessa just stood there, watch Will's world fall apart. She didn't even tell him she loves him. She obviously loves him. I don't get why she has to deny it. I WANNA STRANGLE HER.
  • When Jem announced that him and Tessa are getting married, everyone in the Institute was like ". . . . *croo croo*" Then Will was like "I'm happy for you, bro, I'm happy for you even though your news killed me, it's okay man, no big deal. Here's a toast!" I JUST CANT.
- Not so depressing parts // Love scenes:
  • Balcony Scene: OH BY THE ANGEL THAT PART CAN WE JUST CAN WE JUST TALK ABOUT THAT? I was so freaking happy when they started kissing without holding anything back!!!!! And then Will was so sweet, and so was Tessa. They made out, said sweet thing about each other, touched each other and then and then they kissed and then oh my god yes! Until.... Magnus came (which kinda scared me because I thought that Nate would see them), that was the first time that I hated Magnus' presence. WHY? EVERYTHING WAS GOING GREAT! Hahahaha but it was all in the drinks *sighssss* But I'm still happy that they kissed because I badly want to see them kiss omg omg
  • Vathek book: Will is so adorable. How can you not love him? The note that Will left, he funny poem he wrote. OH WILL, STOP BEING SO CUTE. I love Will because he loves books! When Tessa came to his room and she saw books that Will reads. I just fell in love with him all-over again. In fact, I always find myself falling in love with Will again and again. He acts so arrogant and puts up this cynical act, but inside he's just a cute little guy. ♥ He left the book in front of Tessa's door and that's just freaking adorable. Who does that? Omg. I also liked the part where Jem, Tessa, and Will were going to the Starkweather's house. And then Will was like: "So Tessa, did you bring any book to read on the journey?" HAHAHAHA I LAUGHED OUT LOUD OKAY. 
  • Infirmary scene: Sigh, Will. . . You'd really risk everything for Tessa. Even your life *cries* One of the genuine scenes I've ever read. Right? You felt that too right? The sincerity in Will's eyes and actions. They way he hugged her, the way they hugged. It was so true and pure. I really really felt the love Will had for Tessa that time. There's no denying it. (my heart literally flutters every time I remember this)
  • Carriage scene: I think I'm going to faint while writing this. Okay. . .Contain yourself, you're not going to frea-- OKAY I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE AAAAH JEM AND TESSA!!! I was screaming my lungs out while they were kissing, like oh my god. THANK YOU CASSANDRA CLARE FOR THIS SCENE. I'm going to quote something from the scene which makes me so so happy:
"Jem" she said.
"I-- you must know--  how very much your friendship means to me," she began, awkwardly, "And--"
A look of pain flashed across his face. "Please don't."
"What do you mean?"
"Every time you say that word, 'friendship', it goes to me like a knife," he said. "to be friends is a beautiful thing, Tessa, and I do not scorn it, but I have hoped for a long time now that we might be more than friends. And then I had thought that after what happened the other night that perhaps my hopes were not in vain. But now--."
JEM OH JEM STOP KILLING ME WITH YOUR SWEET WORDS. The way he said those words shyly, respectfully,and with confidence all at once, makes me want to hug him. That's so sweet like omgggg. I can't imagine a guy saying that to me. I mean oh my god. Tessa, you don't know how lucky you are. WHEN THEY KISSED I THINK MY FANGIRL HEART JUST HAD A PARTY. They have been awkward for the past days after what "happened" and now that they finally kissed, I was just so happy aaaaaah!!!!

  • Tessa and Jem's bed scene, though. . . . . . . *fangirls*
- Battle scenes: 
  • I can say that this book is super action-packed! I am screaming every second whilst reading Clockwork Prince. I JUST CAN'T. But I think that this book basically focuses on Will, I feel it's much better if Will is on the cover but it was Jem. Maybe it's because Jem is just that lucky. 
  • When I knew about Will's curse it made me so heartbroken that I cried for hours. I really appreciated Magnus big time on this book, too. He is such a kind person. Magnus is doing everything for Will just because he feels bad for him. And, I finally knew the relationship of Magnus and Camille it's so cool to know the past because on TMI their relationship is kinda the reason why //City of Lost Souls spoiler coming up// Magnus and Alec broke up. I mean, Camille is the one who left Magnus so it's not his fault if he started to feel bitter toward Camille. I saw how Magnus really suffered when Camille left him, and my heart wept to see him in such state. It's funny though, on that part where Camille came back to her house and Will was there and then Magnus was like "Yep, this handsome Shadowhunter right here is my boyfriend, you should be jealous" and then he kissed Will!! HAHAHA And then Will was like "Did you just kiss me?" and Magnus was like "Naaah, I think it's just you hallucinating" hahahaha 
  • And oh the demon pox thing. Let me just start off this topic by talking about Will's intermission number. Hahahahaha, he is so cute when he was like "DEMON POX OMG I KNEW IT WAS REAL" and then he started singing and dancing like crazy. Hahaha! *Sigh* I wish that I can see him as giddy as that after he got his heartbroken. *cries*
  • When Charlotte went to the Lightwood's manor and then Gideon went to the London Institute but Gabriel stayed. I was outrageous that time, I thought Gabriel was kind. I thought he'll go with Charlotte. I was starting to hate him (but of course I wouldn't). I was so happy when Gideon stayed at the London Institute because I ship him and Sophie so bad. You can see that Gideon really likes Sophie. Based from Sophie and Tessa's training, I can see that he's falling in love with her. HOW ADORABLE. I didn't see that one coming though. I thought Sophie and Jem would have "something" but it turns out I was wrong. Nonetheless, they are so cuteeee. Especially in Clockwork Princess!
  • I also liked the part where Tessa pretended that she's Jessamine. I was nervous all throughout the party. I also want to freaking stab the life out of Nate, how could he? How can he do that to his sister? That's just sick. I can't believe Jessamine also. How can she betray her family? What the hell is wrong with her? FOR THE ANGEL'S SAKE JESSAMINE, NATE DOESN'T LOVE YOU! HE'S JUST USING YOU. Oh my god, Jessamine, you're an idiot. I kinda hate her. I mean, I really hate her. I thought she'll be like Isabelle, but she's the opposite. I know that Jessamine hates Shadowhunter's but does she have to go to the extent where she'll become a traitor. 
  • So when Tessa and Nate was dancing, I was scared to death because I feel like something wrong will happen. But everything went well, too well, actually! I didn't believe that she'd actually pull it off. I was scared when Tessa was turning back into herself, and then Will was there to save the day~ *throws confetti* 
  • I also cried on the part where Jem and Tessa found Will in the yin fen warehouse or den or something. I seriously felt so sad for Will and Jem. And they had this fight where Jem got so frustrated that Will would actually do that do him. I literally burst out crying. I knew how much Will loved Jem, and Will doesn't mean to hurt his parabatai. It was so heartbreaking to see them at such state. But I really love their relationship. It is full of love. I feel like their relationship is the true meaning of parabatai.
  • The main battle scene where they were in the warehouse of some kind or something. When Tessa Changed into Jessamine. I thought that they're going to fool Nate again but it turned out to be different this time. That Nate would be smart enough to realize that it's really Tessa but I got scared because the Shadowhunter's were helpless and Tessa isn't trained as much as the others. All she can do is Change. I found myself helpless in the situation, too. Especially when Nate was about to kiss his sister!! I thought this was TMI all-over again, haha. #TeamIncest. The battle was super intense, I actually liked this part. Probably one of the best fight scenes in the Shadowhunter Chronicles. I can feel my heart racing while reading, I was scared for everyone. The Shadowhunters are all tired and they look like they don't have anything to offer Tessa. I felt so bad for everyone that I want to jump into the fight myself. If I could, I would.
  • Cecily: Okay, so about Cecily. I never thought that she's Will's sister. I thought she's a past lover or something. And then he freaked out when he saw her, I was so scared that Will's going to do something reckless. I'm happy that he saw his sister, that she's alive or something but I was also having doubts about her. Especially at the last part where she barged in to the dining hall and she was like "Hi I'm Cecily Herondale and I have come to be trained as a Shadowhunter." When I've read that my reaction was: *facepalm* "Another spy of Mortmain oh god no" I have high hopes for her though.

   Sorry if it took me so long to post this. I've been working on this since April 25, and I only got to post this today. I'm sorry!! I just can't write a review about this book without feeling sad and depressed. Reminiscing what I felt, and writing them makes me so sad that I literally have to stop and take a break until I feel better. This book was just so amazing, and the emotions are still raw as hell. Anyway, I'm still on a reading slump because I've finished re-reading The Mortal Instruments series and I can't just leave the Shadow World just yet so I don't know if I can bare the fact to start reading a new series. I'll try anyway. By the Angel, this series ruined my life, seriously.

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Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare
Book One to the The Infernal Devices Trilogy
Cover rating: 5 out of 5
Writing style: 5 out of 5
Story: 5 out of 5
Overall: 5 out of 5

    I already made a series review about this so I guess I don't need to explain much further? I think I'm just going to give you a synopsis about it and then go straight ahead to the spoiler-y part of the review. If you want to check out the series review: The Infernal Devices Trilogy x Series Review Hope you'd check it out! To be honest I was going to just make one review for the whole thing but as I went along I found myself writing a review for each of the books so I decided to just make separate reviews for each! The trilogy is so great, I definitely recommend it to all (though I'm not sure if its for everyone, nonetheless, I liked it very much that's why I want you to read it~). 

    I'm going to divide the reviews in two parts, one for battle scenes and one for love scenes just because it feels like it's supposed to be that way. There's a whole different story between the two. Try this, if you've read the whole series you can totally tell the story of love triangle without saying much from the thing with the Infernal Devices. Right??? Or it's just me? Anyway, I hope that this would work because I have no idea how to review the books, seriously! There are a lot of things that I want to talk about and share with you guys including all the feel but I literally have no idea how to do so but I'll try since I want you to know what I felt and then maybe you could relate to be somehow. 

(I'm also going to feature some of sheehanmebaby's works! They are so pretty!)

SYNOPSIS (Clockwork Angel):
  This book is basically about a girl who don't know who she is, what she is and it seems like everything she believed in is a lie. The series will unravel her identity and her powers. The protagonist, Tessa Gray moved to London to live with her brother. She was supposed to meet her brother but two women came to meet her instead and told her that they're there to fetch her as her brother, Nate, asked them to. Her life started to change when she entered the carriage with the two women. She'll discover the Shadow World. She'll discover that the world she lived in before is much different from what she can see now. The antagonist of the story-- the Magister-- wants her because of what she can do so the Shadowhunters of the London Institute decided to protect her because if the Magister gets a hold of her, that would cause a huge chaos.

{ With spoilers }

   Oh this book. I don't even know how to start talking about it. I felt a lot of things okay, but mostly from shock and hatred toward Will (don't worry I love him). I just hate some things that Cassandra Clare made me feel. And I felt this feeling in TMI, too! For a moment Will and Tessa are okay and sweet and stuff then the next moment they'll hate each other. I just don't get it okay! It's like Clace all over again. Despite that, I also felt so surprised in every revelation that were in this book. There's just too much to handle! Knowing who the Magister is, Tessa's brother, and everything in the London Institute. I liked this book a lot. I think that Cassandra Clare did a great job in giving us an introduction to the series. It's not totally an introduction but I already had a vivid image of what the 18th century looks and feels like, and I loved that very much! The ambiance is so historical and beautiful. 

- Battle scenes:
  • There are a lot of things that shocked the soul out of me when I read Clockwork Angel. There are a lot of plot twists in the book and I can't help but gasp every single time a revelation came up while reading the book. And out of all I think knowing who the Magister is shocked me the most. I feel so bad for de Quincey, haha he was caught in a set up. He was killed in the process! I couldn't blame the Shadowhunters for assuming that de Quincey is the Magister because who would have thought that it was Mortmain? He was a mundane for the Angel's sake. At first I thought he was just a Magister-wannabe. I have to say that his acting was good! To fool the entire clan of Shadowhunters? Well, that's something you can't do often. But de Quincey wasn't acting innocent at all so he looked he was really the mastermind behind the Pandemonium Club. And you know what's weird?????? In TMI there is also a club (like the place) called Pandemonium!!! Is it somewhat connected???

(Photo credits: sheehanmebaby.)

  • That scene on de Quincey's party or whatnot; that probably was my favorite part! It had so much action in that scene! I liked the part where Will was like "I'm not a boy, I am a Nephilim" that was pretty rad!!!!! And then everything was in chaos all of a sudden! With the fire going on because of Henry's failed invention, Tessa going all over the place, and then Jem and then Charlotte with her whip and the Shadowhunters that attacked in!! Everything was so cool and intense, I definitely loved every single moment of it. But I wish they left that freaking Nate behind!! HE DOESN'T DESERVE TO BE SAVED OH THAT GUY I WANNA STRANGLE HIM. 
  • I just can't believe that Nate!!! NATE OUT OF ALL THE PEOPLE would betray his own sister. I don't care about his family issues but what the heck? Who could do that to their sister? That's just freaking sick. He knows the plans of Mortimain and he still wants to give his sister to the Magister? Okay, that is hella insane. I just can't believe it. After everything the Shadowhunters did for him. They took care of him to his best condition, and this is what he'll repay them? I can't even.
  • And by the Angel, the part wherein Jem and Tessa were attacked by the clockwork creatures. That was hella scary. If I were them I'd probably faint halfway from all the running. And I have to say that Mortmain is pretty smart. That ambush that he planned to the London Institute, I was so freaking nervous I don't even know what to do. It's like I badly want to insert myself in the book hoping that I may give a hand to Tessa and the people there. Okay, I seriously don't know how to talk about this because there are three things that are going on. And Cassandra Clare, oh you genius, you! She did a great job at explaining everything that's happening and that is a tough job. She didn't exactly gave a narration for the attack of the Shadowhunters to de Quincey and I think that's okay because it's completely unnecessary. Okay so I'm going to try to tell you my insights about the scene with the Dark Sisters and Mortmain's attack in the London Institute:
  • At first I was so scared for Jem and Will because they are the only two who went to the Dark Sister! I can't say that they are stupid because there's nothing to call on to and Mortmain is smart, I'd have to give him credit for that. He really lured Jem and Will to the Dark Sisters so he can have Tessa for himself. He knows that with Jem and Will there with Tessa he has no chance of standing up to them. So when the duo left the Institute DRAMATICALLY, my heart thumped so loud when the knob turned. I AM SO FREAKING SCARED OKAY. No one was in the Institute except Tessa, Nate, the servants and that good-for-nothing Jessamine (I started to hate her I thought that she'd develop into a cool and kick-ass character like Isabelle but NO, sighs, where's the character development on her I barely seen anything!). I knew that  no one can open the Institute doors without Shadowhunter blood before I even read the series, so I stopped reading the book for a moment. I thought "How could've Mortmain opened the doors? He's just a mundane! How can he have a Shadowhunter's b. . . . oh. . . JEM!!!" And with that everything fell right into place, and in that second, I knew that they're doomed. No one  is trained there. And maybe there's a Shadowhunter in the house but Jessamine sucks. God, I hate that girl. I literally panicked. When Jem and Will realized what's going on, they also panicked, they are so damn cute omg omg! Their thought synchronized immediately "Tessa." THAT WAS SO SWEET YOU GUYS! ♥
(Photo credits: sheehanmebaby.)
So now that the both party knows what's going on, I'm literally screaming "JEM AND WILL PLEASE RUN FASTER OMG OMG OMG OMG" I thought that Will would somehow save Tessa but when he got there she was already dead. You have no idea how my heart leaped out of my chest but of course I knew that she won't die, she's the main character for Angel's sake! I was just wondering "Maybe that's one of her powers? She can regenerate or something..?" I'm crying for Will, when he knelt by her side and hugged her "dead" body, he was so lost and so sad.. For the first time, I found Will vulnerable. That was incredibly sweet. I can't even. And then he felt Tessa's heartbeat he instantly lit up, omg, that was such a beautiful scene. *sighs* They are the sweetest! But I hated the fact that he pushed her away, again. (even though I know why, before I hated Will for always leaving Tessa hanging but now that I already knew why, it kills me *crieeeeees!!!*
  • I have to give credit to Tessa for her Boadicea moment. I'm so proud of you!!! Me and Will are proud~ I thought that she wouldn't do something spectacular or memorable in this book but this is beyond amazing. How could she have thought of that? And how can Mortmain never saw her Change? Nevertheless, I liked this part a lot, I think I saw a little character development here!
  • I am still wondering what she might be? Mortmain said that she's a warlock? I mean he kinda said that, right? And Magnus also told her that she's a warlock.... So maybe she is a warlock! BUT I'm wishing that she's part Shadowhunter.
- Love scenes:
  I have no idea who Will and Jem was at first, I swear. All I know is that Tessa loves Will, and Jem is just a guy that I'd hate but I LOVED THEM BOTH. I think that I love them at the same level. I don't think that I've ever experienced that. I mean, in the Shatter Me series I both liked Adam and Warner but I know that I love Warner more! However, in this series, my heart literally don't know who to choose. Despite the fact that I've already finished the trilogy, I'm going to try to tell you what I really felt when I've read Clockwork Angel! I'm going to pretend that I haven't finished it yet haha
  • I hated Will's attitude towards Tessa because it's pretty obvious that Tessa likes him! And he just kept on pushing her away, and I hated that. I was wishing that Tessa would wake up from her stupidity and see that Jem is there, loving her and showing her how important she was. I know that Will also loves Tessa, it is so freaking visible, I can see it! But that's what I don't get about him, why does he kept on telling her to go away when all he really wanted was for her to stay? 
  • Remember that time in the attic where Tessa had her first kiss with Will and then the guy was like "Tess, come over here and sit by me." when he said that I was incredibly happy, I thought that WIll would finally tell her that he loves her! Everything was going to well, my heart was fluttering, my stomach was filled with butterflies. And then Will also said "Tessa. What do you want from me?" OKAY THAT WAS FREAKING SWEET YOU GUYS! For a moment they were kissing and I was so so so happy because I like Will, I think he deserves someone like Tessa, and then the next second was like "Tessa get the f out here, leave me alone, just go out!" AND I WANNA STRANGLE THE LIFE OUT OF WILL. By the Angel!!! What is wrong with that guy? He obviously LOVE her! After that, I felt sad for Tessa because that was her first kiss and it was with a jerk like Will. (I'm sorry Will, I love you *cries* I know why you did that sorry if I'm saying this to you but I love you okay?
  • Another I-don't-like-you-Tessa-stay-away-from-me-moment of William Herondale: When they were at the rooftop and I seriously had my hopes up this time after what happened in the Sanctuary, I thought his walls really came down for Tessa. I thought that he'd stop being so cold to her. BUT NO. Will was like "So you like me, huh? Okay, so we'll use your bedroom because Jem usually goes to my room so maybe we can have our you-know-what sessions in your room. It's good to know that you're an infertile warlock so I can't get you pregnant, so we can't have babies because warlocks can't have children, HA HA HA. So it's settled then? Okay, now go away" I. JUST. WANT. TO. STAB. WILL. OH MY GOD THE GUTS OF THAT GUY!!!  Ugh (but of course I love Will)
  • I thought that maybe there's a reason why Will kept on pushing Tessa away? Maybe it's because of Jem. They're best friends and I think Will noticed Jem's feelings for Tessa? When I've read the Prologue for Clockwork Prince (since it's included in the book!) I saw that Will is trying to find a love potion, not really love potion it's like an "unlove" potion. My emotions were all over the place. I realized, "OMG HE IS DOING THIS FOR JEM OMG WILL I LOVE YOU." I thought that he really loves Jem that much that he's willing to forget his feelings for Tessa. 
  • Jem didn't show up when Tessa came to the Institute and I had an impression of him that he's a snob, serious or something. So we didn't have a good start. Tessa heard him playing his violin, at first I thought it was Will but it was Jem (finally, I thought!). When I knew that Jem knows how to play the violin, he got my heart immediately. And the line that always killed me while reading the book (this line showed up a bunch of times throughout the series and I swear by the Angel that it will pierce your heart every time) "Will? Will, is that you?" Aww Jem and Will's bromance, I ship! //I'm rereading this scene right now and I'm smiling like a crazy girl, this scene is so cute aaaah Jessa!!!!// Their first meeting totally changed my impression of Jem which made the struggles of my heart start.
(Photo credits: sheehanmebaby.)
  • And then that scene on the Blackfriars Bridge ♥  That was beautiful omg. Jem, you are so sweet and kind. I want to go there, too with you. I love how Jem appreciates the little things in life. And I swear that I loved that moment. I got to know Jem better and I loved every single moment of it. 
  • When I knew that Jem had an illness, I was so eager to know what it is but I don't want to spoil myself. I think that is probably one of the reasons why I barely put the book down that day. So when I already knew what his illness was. . . I seriously cried, and it's not the loud cry, there are too many emotions inside me that tears just poured out of my eyes slowly and continuously. I can't believe it. His illness is so complex. It nearly killed me while he was talking about it with Tessa. I felt that in that moment, my love for Jem increased sky high. I don't want to be sad for Jem because I can see that he's trying his best to look okay but that's what hurts me. He's not okay and he pretends to be. My heart sunk when I knew that the thing that keeps him alive is also the one that's killing him. Oh Jem... I love you. *cries slowly* Knowing what illness he'd been suffering from since he was 11 years old was just too much, I badly want to find the cure. Jem doesn't deserve to have something like that, he is so kind, he's like an Angel. 
  • And omg that night when Jem and Will went to attack the Dark Sisters and then OMG OMG OMG THAT PART WAS JUST SO SWEET AND HEART-BREAKING AS WELL! When Tessa lifted her hands but then hesitated because she shouldn't say good bye to Shadowhunters when they're off to battle and then it looks like the two guys stiffened, not sure about what to do and then OUR JEM ♥ He went to Tessa and said "Mizpah" and kissed her freaking hand. That was freaking adorable but my heart broke for Will *CRIES* Poor Will!!

   So yeah, I think it's pretty obvious that I liked Clockwork Angel so much. Aaaaah~

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Infernal Devices Series by Cassandra Clare

The Infernal Devices Trilogy by Cassandra Clare
Series review // Prequel to The Mortal Instruments Series
Cover rating: 5 out of 5
Writing style: 5 out of 5
Story: 5 out of 5
Overall: 5 out of 5

    I'm still in the process of fixing myself and sinking everything in my mind. This trilogy literally ruined my life in good way (haha is there something like that?) but seriously it is such a great read that it affected me greatly. I had mental and emotional breakdowns here and there while reading the books. I marathon-ed this series in a week, and I can say that it's the best week of my summer. I'm not overstating my experience because I really really did enjoy reading this trilogy. I was freaking out on twitter, tumblr and here in my house because of all the happenings and plot twists. I can say that this series is a literal roller coaster ride of emotions. You'll find yourself crying, laughing and going crazy, I swear, I'm not joking! There came a point on that week when I've read this series that I was so depressed that I literally didn't do anything normal in a day. I stopped reading and just stared at the ceiling while tears stream on my face for the whole day. TID has the most complicated and heartbreaking love triangle. This quote from the book pretty much sums up the trilogy, I swear!
"How could three people who cared for one another so much cause one another so much pain?"
  The love triangle is just too much. I found myself caught up in the middle of it. I'm like "Oh Jem.. please don't be sad" or "Oh, by the Angel... Will, I'm so sorry....". It's like a battle of happiness and sadness. I'm both Jessa and Wessa shipper so I can't really make up my mind whether I should be sad or happy in a situation. For example, Tessa will become sweet to Will, I'll feel happy for Will but feel sad for Jem. I swear that you'll end up fighting with yourself. Okay so right now the emotions I felt are drowning me and crashing me in like waves. Ugh, guys, it is such a great series!!!! Cassandra Clare, you are such a great author. I love you so much but at the same time I hate you. Haha. How can you write books that can make a huge impact on your readers? You're my favorite author! I seriously idolize you. But you don't have to ruin my life. *cries blood* Anyway, all I'm saying is that TID is the best thing ever. I am lost for words on how to tell you how much I loved it. I think that if I'm going to reread this series, my emotions will always be the same despite the fact that I already knew what will happen; my heart will always be torn in half.

SYNOPSIS (Clockwork Angel):

  This book is basically about a girl who don't know who she is, what she is and it seems like everything she believed in is a lie. The series will unravel her identity and her powers. The protagonist, Tessa Gray moved to London to live with her brother. She was supposed to meet her brother but two women came to meet her instead and told her that they're there to fetch her as her brother, Nate, asked them to. Her life started to change when she entered the carriage with the two women. She'll discover the Shadow World. She'll discover that the world she lived in before is much different from what she can see now. The antagonist of the story-- the Magister-- wants her because of what she can do so the Shadowhunters of the London Institute decided to protect her because if the Magister gets a hold of her, that would cause a huge chaos.

  So yeah, that's the main story of the series, I guess? I don't want to say too much because when I've read the first book I had no idea what's it about but that made everything a fun experience! It is filled with mystery because Tessa has no idea of what she can do and what she is like if she's a Shadowhunter or a Downworlder. I think that the romance stands out more compared to The Mortal Instruments. The love triangle is a part of the story, it is somewhat focused to it. Because in TMI Jace and Clary's relationship isn't really the "main thing" but in TID the love story of Jem, Will, and Tessa is focused. I mean that's what I think. The book is also about who will Tessa choose between Will and Jem? Will is arrogant and the bad-boy kind -of-guy, Jem, however, is of course the opposite of Will. But you'll love both of them! And oh! The books take place in the 18th century! 

  I loved this series so damn much, I highly recommend it! I swear that you won't regret reading the trilogy. If you liked The Mortal Instruments then you should definitely try reading this series because it's the prequel to TMI, it's like the ancestors of our main characters in TMI! The story takes place in the 18th century so you'll definitely love the vintage feels to it, the beautiful dresses and the gentlemen. The men back then are to die for! They really treat women with respect and that is one of the things I liked from the books. TID is a ticket to time travel back to the past where the Shadowhunters wear gowns and coats. Aaaah it is such a great book!!! I don't know if I've already convinced you to pick the book up but I wish I did because IT IS EPIC! I swear by the Angel that you won't regret opening the book. You won't even put it down! 
  As I've said this is the prequel to TMI so you'll obviously get to know more about the Shadow World and then there are also things that will fall into place. You'll find yourself realizing things that are connected to TMI. Cassandra Clare is a genius I swear. She weaved the series through as if weaving is her job not a writer hahaha but aaaah it's so mind blowing! I LOVE THIS TRILOGY SO SO MUCH. YOU GUYS HAVE NO IDEA. Please read it!!!

{ Without Spoilers & What to expect while reading the series // read this part if you want to have an idea what the books are about, I won't spoil you, trust me!}
  • The love triangle is phenomenal! I don't know how many times I'm going to say this but your heart will literally be torn into two; and these two pieces will fight each other. Jem and Will are both perfect, I'm sure you'll love them both-- especially when you got to know them better! Jem is so sweet and such a gentleman. He is so fragile and aaah~ He also plays the violin! If you like sweet, gentle and delicate guys, you'll surely love Jem! I think Will is like Jem but with a kick. Will is sarcastic, funny, sweet, adorable and arrogant. Haha, but if you got to know him better and his love for Tessa, your heart will melt like an ice cream on a summer day. Jem and Will love Tessa so much, its crazy! Their love for her is beyond fathomable. They're willing to sacrifice everything for her. AND OH, I forgot to tell you guys, Jem and Will are best friends (like brothers, even!) and they also love each other so much. Hahaha I swear that they literally love each other like they both love Tessa which breaks my heart into pieces. I think I also ship Jem and Will together, hahaha. They're parabatai! Oh god, the love triangle is too much, okaaaaaaay. I hope you won't have breakdowns like I did.
  • The plot twists will literally blow your mind into pieces. There are a lot of things that I didn't saw coming. I WAS SO SHOCKED THAT I FELT LIKE MY SOUL LEFT ME. I'm not kidding! The plot twists are epic. This is also one of the million things that I loved about this book. Cassandra Clare is an author that I absolutely look up to. She can make things so twisted that you, yourself is tied in between the knots of the story. 
  • The mysteries in the books are definitely mind-boggling. There are a lot of questions that will occupy your mind while reading the book like: "What is Tessa? Is she a Shadowhunter? What is she?" "Why is the Magister so obsessed with Tessa? What does she posses that interests the Magister so much?" "Is it possible to choose between Jem and Will? How can Tessa choose between the two of them? Oh my god." "What is going to happen?! AAAH!" Those aren't just the questions you'll ask yourself, there's a ton of questions that will make you crazy enough to fly through the series. 
  • The connections with The Mortal Instruments series. There are a lot of things that were passed through the generations. Like Isabelle's whip, the portal, the necklace Isabelle has-- the little things! There are also characters in the series that will make you rip your hair out of their roots haha. But seriously! While reading the book my jaw will always drop open. Cassandra Clare really did a great job in making a bridge from TID to TMI!
  • The humor! There are a lot of scenes that got me laughing hysterically. Hahaha, everyone is so funny in this book, really!!! Especially Will! I have a crap ton of fave funny scenes in this series. I can't believe that they can actually joke around with the things going on. Aaaaaah, the books are so perfect in every way and little ways. 
  • And lastly, I'd like to warn you that you'd feel a lot of things that your heart will reach the point where it can't take any emotions anymore. I had that time when I was reading the epilogue, my heart hurts so bad and so, I closed Clockwork Princess and hugged it and just cried for a matter of 15 minutes. I have a weak heart for books like these, I can't even believe I survived reading a book filled with waves of emotions and I am out of breathe because I'm drowned in the sea of my own tears. To be honest, the memories of me reading the trilogy is still fresh. My chest still hurts whenever I think about the turn of events. I mean, it was a good ending and all, I'm pretty sure everyone wouldn't hate the ending. I didn't hate the ending but a huge part of me is still holding on to it and the story, itself. I just don't want the series to end. *cries* I don't want it to end like that. I don't even want it to end. If I were to choose what I enjoyed more between the two series of the Shadowhunter books, I'd choose The Infernal Devices and kudos to TID because I love TMI so much. I cannot deny the fact that reading this trilogy is the best thing I've ever done in my life.

Sooo, I was supposed to make a series review but I ended up talking about each books instead. I realized that the post became so long that I decided to just make a separate reviews and book talks for Clockwork Angel, Clockwork Prince, and Clockwork Princess. I just loved the books so much  I can't help myself. I'm sorryyy!! But I'll post the reviews this month! :-) Hope you liked this series review + I hope that I encouraged you to read it, too!